Drain Cleaning

It is important to maintain a working plumbing system. Fortunately, VA Plumbing LLC is ready to help you with your drain cleaning needs in Northern Virginia.

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To keep your plumbing system working properly, you should make sure pipes and drains are working right. Water should be flowing and not leaking. However, if they are not flowing or you see them leaking, it might be time for a drain cleaning in your Northern Virginia home or business.

Drain cleaning is the process of cleaning out debris or anything else that might cause them to be clogged.

Drain Cleaning Service by VA Plumbing

Types of Drain Cleaning used in Northern Virginia

  • Cabling: Cabling is when a plumber uses a tool called a snake to clean out the drain. This process is also called snaking. Plumbers use a long, thin, flexible auger and insert it into the drain pipe. A metal coil is at the end of the auger. That coil is twisted downward until it can hook onto a blockage. The plumber slowly removes the snake from the drain.
  • Hydro Jetting: Hydro jetting is when a plumber uses a special hose to push high-pressure water through the plumbing system. The hose is attached to a pressurized water tank. Once the water comes on, the hose moves through the drain. It cleans out the inside of the pipe. Powerful water then shoots out the nozzle. The water shoots out in multiple directions at the same time. Debris flushes down the plumbing system. This type of drain cleaning is powerful enough to clear pipes that have years of buildup.

Video Camera Inspections

Video camera inspections pinpoint the problem that has caused a drain to become clogged. To this end, cameras identify different sewer and drain issues that often arise in your pipes.

The process begins by inserting a video line into a drain near the problem area. The camera allows the plumber to look inside the pipe. They are looking for clogs, tree root intrusion, and any other problem. Video camera inspections can effectively pinpoint the source of any sewer or drain issue without tearing out walls or floors.

Once we locate the issue, the plumber decides what the best cleaning and repair method to use is. After the cleaning and repairs, the video camera is put back into the pipe to verify that the drains are clear

When Is It Time For A Drain Cleaning in Northern Virginia?

There are many ways to tell when it is time for a drain cleaning Northern Virginia on pipes. Oftentimes, these include:

  • Slow Draining Sink: The most common way to tell that your drains need cleaning is when water takes a long time to go down your sink drain
  • Frequent Toilet Clogs or Overflow: If you have to plunge your toilet a lot, it might be time for a drain cleaning Northern Virginia. However, another sign that it is time for a cleaning is water is overflowing.
  • Water Back Up: If water is backing up over your sink and tub drains, it is time to call a plumber to come clean your pipes out.
  • Bad Odors: Another telltale sign. If you are experiencing a bad smell near any of your drains, call the plumber today at (571) 218-2290.

Benefits of Drain Cleaning in Northern Virginia

  • Reduced Risk of Blockages: Drain cleaningNorthern Virginia keeps pipes from becoming clogged and blocked. Drain blockages can eventually cause cracks. Usually, cracked pipes need replacement. It’s best to clean drains regularly.
  • Reduced Odors and Bacteria Build Up: If drains are not cleaned of food particles, mold and mildew could grow in the drains. Sadly, untreated mold and mildew could cause a poor odor in your house.
  • Less Chance of Emergency Repairs: Keeping up with maintenance like drain cleaning Northern Virginia can reduce the risk of an emergency happening with your pipes and drains. To this end, check your pipes and drains on a regular basis. This will keep you upto-date on the status of your plumbing system.
  • Better Air Quality: Bugs and bacteria can live and thrive in dirty drains. If your pipes look like these, these things can circulate in your home. They can affect the indoor quality of your home’s air.

Tips to Prevent Clogged Drains

Aside from calling a plumber when you need your drains professionally cleaned, there are things you can do at home to keep debris away. Firstly, you should be careful what you wash down the drain.

Do not wash small food particles like fat, oil, grease, eggs shells, pasta and rice. It’s a good idea to keep a drain strain in your kitchen sink. This will catch any small food pieces. Also, be careful not to wash cat litter, paper towels, or rice. Surprisingly, these are common things found stuck in drains

You should regularly wash piping hot water down your drains to flush any particles that may have gotten in there away. Keep your drains running by cleaning them once a week with baking soda, vinegar, and hot water.

Call on the Plumbing Experts at VA Plumbing

Keeping a working plumbing system is important for all Northern Virginia homes and businesses. Fortunately, there are several different methods a plumber can use to clear out clogged drains. If you think you need a drain cleaning Northern Virginia, contact VA Plumbing LLC today at (571) 218-2290!