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Clogged Pipe Repair

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It can be easy to ignore a slow-draining sink or shower for a short period of time, but the problem can quickly get worse if left untreated. Accumulating materials in your system will eventually close off the pipe. The last thing you want is a plumbing emergency, so let VA Plumbing fix your clogged pipe with one of many techniques available today.

What’s Clogging My Pipes?

Many clogs caused by misuse of your fixtures is accidental. You may not even realize that putting things like coffee grounds in your kitchen sink drain can cause a backup, or that “flushable” bathroom wipes don’t break down in your sewer line. Foreign materials can get caught in your sewer line and block the flow of water – either gradually, over time, or all at once.

Even those who are meticulous about taking care of their plumbing system can encounter a clog. A tree in your yard with particularly invasive roots can compromise your pipe, slowly taking over the line in search of water or nutrients. The roots can also attract paper products or other materials flowing down your plumbing system that contribute to the narrowing of your pipe.

Unmatched Drain Cleaning And Clogged Pipe Repair Northern Virginia

Once you call VA Plumbing to fix your clogged pipe, we will likely start with a sewer camera inspection. The location, severity, and materials making up your clog will determine the ideal solution. We will typically recommend one of the following non-destructive techniques:

Drain Snaking is ideal for pipes made of fragile materials like clay, or for clogs composed of food waste, paper products, or other softer materials. We use professional-grade snaking tools to cut up or dislodge the obstruction and remove it.

Hydro Jetting is meant for durable pipes made out of PVC or other strong materials. We use a high-powered nozzle that sprays. Along with multi-directional streams of water to blast through tree roots, mineral buildup, or other difficult clogs.

Both of our drain cleaning techniques are efficient and environmentally-friendly without the use of harsh chemicals. You can trust VA Plumbing to clear your pipes without disrupting your walls, floors, or landscaping on your property.

Reasons to Hire a Professional Plumber for Your Clogged Pipes

Many property owners will try to clear a clog themselves. However, they don’t resort to chemical solutions or DIY snaking machines because they can damage your pipes and make the problem worse. Trusting a professional with your clogged pipe means that you can feel confident that the repair is done correctly. We also use minimally-invasive techniques that leave your home or business intact while repairs are performed. Our modern techniques combined with years of experience produce high-quality repairs. These Repairs will last for years or even decades to come.

Contact VA Plumbing for Your Clogged Pipes

VA Plumbing is your resource for friendly, honest plumbing repairs. Your clog is not a problem for our professional master plumbers. Plumbing problems don’t wait for standard business hours, so that’s why we are available 24 hours a day. Don’t hesitate to give us a call at the first sign of a stubborn clog.

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