Water pipe leaking.

Signs You Need To Replace Your Home’s Water Pipes

It Might Be Time For Water Pipe Replacement

Do you know the signs that your home needs professional water pipe replacement? Learn these five important indicators that your water lines might need an in-depth inspection for possible replacement.

1. You Find Puddles or Moisture Near Water Lines

If you find puddles in strange places or discover soft, mushy drywall, you might have a leaking water line. At first, the water might only appear once in a while, but when the leak gets worse, it can cause costly damage to your home.

2. Lower Water Pressure

If you’re noticing a loss in water pressure, there may be loose joints or cracks somewhere along the length of your water line. Issues like these require pipe replacement as soon as possible to minimize water damage to surrounding structures.

3. Water Discoloration

One sign you might need to replace a water pipe is seeing discoloration in the water coming from your faucets. While this might be from municipal flushing of the water supply lines in the area, it can also come from corrosion in the pipe or debris entering through a crack or loose joint.

4. Older Water Lines or Discovering a Lead Pipe System

The age and type of piping materials in and around your home can affect the quality of your drinking water. Older homes aren’t always up to date unless you take direct action and schedule a professional water pipe replacement service. The average lifespans of popular pipe materials are as follows:

Copper: 50+ years

Galvanized steel: 20 to 50 years

Brass: 40 to 45 years

Cast iron: Up to 100 years

Some materials are prone to accumulating deposits, corroding, or breaking from high water pressure over time. One previously common material, lead, can contribute to health problems, and only a qualified plumber can identify what materials your water lines consist of.

5. Strange Noises in or Around Water Pipes

You might hear banging, bubbling, or knocking when you use your water, indicating one or more potential problems with plumbing pipes around your home. These problems can include:

Irregular water pressure

Blockage in the pipe

Air entering the supply line

Strange noises may also indicate movement in your pipes, which causes undue stress to the plumbing and contributes to potential leaks by weakening connection points. Enlist the help of knowledgeable plumbers to inspect the lines supplying your faucets and appliances to determine the issue and provide a long-lasting solution.

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