How To Keep Drains From Clogging

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It can feel like drains have a habit of clogging at the most inappropriate times. Whether that is when a guest is visiting or you are in a rush and must be out the door. In these moments, you may likely make a mental check to figure out the “Why?” behind this problem. And if you have reached this article, that is precisely what we will dive into. Why does it seem impossible to keep our drains from clogging, and what preventative measures can we take? 

Of course, it may not be possible for you to solve all the nitty-gritty problems resulting in this fiasco. Sometimes it is more efficient to call in for expert drain cleaning services. However, before we reach such a point, there are some tips and tricks you can keep in mind as well. These will allow you to feel more in control of your drainage system. After all, it is a fundamental aspect of your residence and although it may sound “icky” to some, it deserves attention as well!

Firstly, Keep An Eye On Your Drain Stoppers.

Although this may seem like a no-brainer, one of the most effective ways to prevent these blockages is to clear out your drain stoppers. This mechanism was created to make our lives a bit easier while taking care of our bathrooms. However, like taking care of any technological device, you have to pay attention to its charging ports as well.

If those get messy or are unable to function correctly, the device is close to being unfunctional. And while such a comparison may seem like a stretch, the primary principle behind the scenarios is similar. If you allow the gunk to build up around your stoppers, inevitably, its function will reduce. 

So, it is advisable that, on a semi-regular basis, you clear out the mess in the drain stoppers. This will likely include fallen hair, soap and other scum. But, you should remember: It is not anything too daunting. Take the comfort of some rubber gloves for extra skin protection if desired but, get this task done! At this stage, you have already initiated your control and care over your house’s drainage system.

Do Not Flush Down Anything “Fancy.”

This point may ring familiar to some as it is a statement repeated on the walls of most public bathrooms, and for good reason. For the sake of convenience many professional drainage companies- such as Assured Comfort- have commented on how problematic this action can be. In the case of bathrooms, flushing down anything besides toilet paper and human waste can easily clog up your system. Other materials like- sanitary napkins- will not deteriorate as easily as paper. Nevertheless, you should also not plunge excessive paper as well. If any old skits from movies are flashing before you about the comedic relief clogging the school toilet… It is wise to take those scenes as learning curves. 

Alternatively, in the case of kitchens: Avoid “washing away” oil down the sink. Again, while this choice may seem convenient, its consequences can be a headache to resolve. This is because grease can solidify in your pipes and, over time, clog them. So, you may opt to store excessive oil in a container and either, throw it in the trash or- keep it for further use. It is important for you not to succumb to the option easily available in either case. Take note that- fixing a problem the most “simple” way will only yield a behemoth of issues in the future.

Whenever Possible, Bathe Pets Under The Sun.

Most people will have seen videos online about owners giving their pets a bath in their bathroom. And now, while it may be adorable to watch a pomeranian getting pampered in an excessively large bath or shower… It is highly advisable to avoid this action whenever possible. This is because, although we may be aware of the severity of our hair fall, that cannot for said for our furry friends. Their thin fur can seep into your drains with frightening efficiency and without your notice.

When bathing your pet, of course, your attention will be on their care. However, in the long run, there are no limits to the clogging this behavior may encourage; especially if your four-footed friend is a larger animal.

So, whenever possible, take your pets outside in the sun to be bathed lavishly under its light. You may prepare an entire “outdoor spa day” if your animal is already used to such treatment indoors. But, ultimately, be cautious. Nevertheless, if this option is not available to you- you must take a few other precautions. Namely, place a washcloth on the drains of your bathtub or shower before your pet gets through the door.

Clear Out The Drain In Intervals.

After all the prevention methods are said and done, you may still need to clean out any potential clogs. And there is no need to fret when this is done, there are several ways to go about it. Firstly, you can go to a trusty drain plunger and place it over your drain. Then, simply begin plunging with a fast up-and-down motion. If this does not produce the desired results, you may restart the same procedure after pouring hot water down the drain. 

However, if you want to try something different, use a barbed or “snake” tool. They are bendy instruments that go into the depths of your drainage system and allow you to pull out the problematic source. But, usually, to get this done you must be prepared to get your hands a bit dirty. Alas, if that is not on the cards for you, you may search for the best chemical solutions for your specific troubles

There are several characteristics available for water-leak detectors, which affect how well they work. Selecting the ideal water-leak detector for a house requires an understanding of how these aspects differ from one another.


Keeping your drains from being clogged should not be a secondary priority. This task is just as significant as any other in ensuring the comfortability and structure of your home. And, hopefully, with the points mentioned above, you know where to begin.

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